Monthly Presence
A Done For You Monthly 
Social Media Marketing Program
Your investment in this program will
increase your productivity,
build your brand, save you time,
keep you present 
so you can do your work in the world.
Join our Monthly Presence Program, and every month, we will:
Plan all of your monthly social media posts for you,
Support you by providing all the graphics you will need,
Supply you with blog and email ideas to engage your audience, and
Answer your social media questions. 
​ a fraction of the cost to hire a media manager!


No More Struggle, No More Strife...

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with social media, email marketing, blogging, graphic design and all the things you should do to market your business online?

There is so much information on 'how to,' 'what to' and 'when to' that you just might want to drown out the noise and pretend social media is not a thing.

Well...It’s a thing!  And if you’re not engaging your fans today in this medium, someone else is.

The success of your business and exposure of your program depends on how visible you are to your ideal clients.  How will you market to those who need you but don't even know it? 

Worry no more... we've got a marketing plan and solution to support you in taking your project online, exposing it to more eyeballs than you can imagine!

A Strategic, Actionable Plan, Ready for you to say, "Yes!"

If you are finding yourself wanting to drown out the "noise" of social media, we get it.  Yet, it is undeniable that social media is pivitol if you want to create a lifestyle business that will take your program or service online.  Doing so, taking your business online ~ exposing it to hundreds, thousands of people outside your immediate circle of friends ~ provides freedom - it enables you to work from anywhere!

But where do you start?  

Our done for you Social Media Marketing program can support you to cut through the noisy market place and help you position yourself as the expert and light that you are to attract the right people to your tribe.

Graphics Done
An abundant library of beautifully designed social media graphics of done for you templates ready for your use.
Pick one, post it, invite conversation and build your community today!
Timely Posts
No more last minute panic about what to post.
A few minutes of planning and strategy will get you on track with a custom social media calendar that will grow your audience. 
Stay On Track
Planners, Goal Sheets,
Trackers, Promotional Ideas, Blog Worksheets,
Community Building and Engagement Ideas
(... and more!)
to inspire you to stay on track.
Affordable and In The Flow...

No need to pay a ton of money hiring a media manager to create a presence in your community.

We will provide you with the contents and graphics you need to make an immediate impact on your platforms. 

  • You will know EXACTLY what to focus on each month.
  • You will have a system to help you market your business EVERY DAY without stressing about it.
  • You will pro-actively communicate and build a community, in a way that works for you ~ attracting those who resonate with your message and program.  

Our Done For Your Social Media Marketing Program will help you grow your business, provide value, build and nurture relationships, and attract your tribe.  

Our social media marketing system frees up your time to be present to the needs of our community.

Join us in the exuberance of getting ON TRACK and ON TARGET, to make your PRESENCE and intentiona known, and create big results in a short amount of time.

Monthly Access Membership
Per Month
EVERYTHING YOU NEED for less than a cup of regular coffee (<$1.50 per day!)
Normally $97, Save $62 today
Annual Access Membership
Per Year
Peace of Mind for the next 365 at less than $1.21 a day ~ Only $36/month!
Save Over 77%
Membership Access & What You Get
With our coveted membership, you will be provided with specialized worksheets and trackers to keep you focused, intentional and on target.
You will be able to keep your content and marketing goals organized, allowing you to stay laser focused on your messaging and community building.
You will receive a done for you posting social calendar directing on what to post and when to post on whichever medium works best for you.
You will have everything you need to get social and get on track to get your program noticed!
Monthly Tracking & Goal Sheets to Stay on Track!
1.  Monthly Stats & Numbers Tracker. Record and see clearly what your numbers are so you know what works.
2.  Monthly Done For You Social Media Posting Schedule to match your ambitions with steps needed to reach your goal.
3.  Monthly Calendars to manifest yor plan and attract the right and perfect people to you.
4.  Weekly Goals & Actionable Items.  Keep track of whats imporatnt, including your blog ideas. 
5.  Blog Ideas Work Sheet to focus your writing to your campaign for the month.  
A huge library of attractive, ready-to-go positive messages to build your community through Social Media.
...Just add your logo & post!
Hundreds of beautifully and mindfully produced graphics
6 categories of positive Inspiration to choose from:
1.  Quotes ~ Motivational, inspirational positive Reminders
2.  Wisdom from spiritual leaders, famous people and leaders from all walks of life
3.  Quotes that instill the practice of gratitude, forgiveness, surrender and release
4.  Lifestyle Quotes ~ Family, fun, friendship, love and pets
5.  Questions and facts to engage your communty, promotional graphics and holiday wishes
6.  Blank Canvas for you to place your own message in whatever way works for your message.
A New Library (& New Set) of Graphics
is Available Every Single Month!

Use graphics to inspire and compliment your postings, blog topics and email engagement.
Pre-written social media statuses to engage your audience - choose from our wisdom, to inspirational, to promotional, to holiday collection quickly get social engagement & fan participation.
At-a-glance worksheets, checklists and planners to set goals & keep track of your progress.
Ready Made, attractive blank templates to promote your blog, course, or product - on the fly!
Complete access to extra trainings to streamline your workflow, technology, business organization, and latest trends.
Alas!  A social media strategy that you can put in place so you can focus on building community and your programs.  Set yourself up for success ... and go!
Graphics & Content are DONE FOR YOU
Pull Your content from a portfolio of HUNDREDS of graphics. Add your logo for a strong and consistent brand, and post away!
Our library includes the following theme catagories:
  • Inspirational & Motivational Quotes
  • Wisdom Quotes from famous leaders in business and spiritual circles
  • Quotes on gratitude, forgiveness, surrender and release
  • Lifestyle quotes and graphics that relate to family, fun, love, pets, freindship
  • Engaging graphics to encourage follower participation and build community.
  • Blank stylized graphics so you can customize as you need.
  • Promotional & seasonal graphics for holidays, special promotions and sales.
Every Month, New Graphics!
The membership content for all done for you graphics and social statuses, calendars and worksheets will change EVERY MONTH.
This way, your content will always stay fresh, including a new trackers, doable action plans and goal sheets for all your posting activities.
Will receive the a schedule that you can mindfully implement without over thinking!
Organized, Efficient & Effective
Streamline your efforts.  Get clear on what you want to accomplish with your social media goals, plan it out and schedule it!
Our service keeps you on track, creating efficiency and effectiveness in pulling in your marketing efforts.
Our calendar and social media work sheets will keep you on track.
Lovingly Made, Ready to Go!
Our product is beautifully and mindfully created for you. We provide the content and the schedule.  You decided which graphics to pull from the library, place your logo to brand your graphics, and post!
Don't Wait Another Minute!
Here's a RECAP What You Get as a Subscribing Member:
An bundance of graphics, and more than you will need in a month for social media, ready for you to post!
A variety of graphics to choose from:  inspirational, motivational, wsidom, gratitude, forgiveness, lifestyle, friendship, engaging ...and so much more!
Worksheets, trackers and planning tools to help you keep on track and on target for your short term and long term goals.  
See the big picture and plan actionable steps toward your goals.
Get your monthly social media marketing completely done for you so you can spend your precious time creating and developing your biz. 
Blank, done for you templates, ready for you to customize - use to share quotes, tips, announcements or anything you want.
A variety of pre written statuses to choose from.  Post and engage your audience without agonizing over it.
NEVER RUN OUT OF IDEAS ~ Every month, get a new collection of suggested blog topics & email subject lines to customize & inspire you and your clients to action. 
Weekly podcast epsiodes to accompany your venture of entrepreneurship to provide insight, to motivate and inspire you .
Bonus 1
You will receive INSTANT access to the exclusive members only private Path of Presence VIP Facebook Group.
Stay updated on the latest conversation about trends, strategies, networking, and business practices with other members and receive the support you need during our group mastermind meetings.  
You will also receive trainings on "how to's," latest apps and shortcuts to make life easier, and social media fun!
Bonus 2
A Strategic Social Media Marketing Workbook
Your strategic social media marketing workbook will engage your audience through strategy and consistent messaging so you can meet (and exceed!) your fan base and marketing goals.
Your goal should be to convert your audience to a social follower, from a casual follower to an engaged and participating member of community.  This is a tool that will help you get focused and steps closer to building your ideal tribe.
Bonus 3
Social Media Branding Guide and Workbook 
A fun and systematic way to build consistency for a strong, instantly recognizable brand.
This bonus pack will bring cohesiveness to your branding and media profiles with guides and checklists so you don't miss a thing.


Plus in the bonus section - you'll have access to a curated collection of graphics, stock photos, social media strategy, cheet sheets and more suprises.

This is a $537 value that you ll get for as low as $36 a month.

Seriously, have you ever seen a better offer than this?

Choose your package and let's get started...
Sign up right now and you'll get instant access to the VIP members area to
get started and begin using your content calendar & graphics.  
Immediately start gaining visibility and fans.  
Receive support, save A TON OF TIME for as low as $36* a month. 
* Purchase now and be grandfathered in to our program at this price, forever.
Choose your Membership Access and Get Started Today!
Monthly Access
Per Month
EVERYTHING YOU NEED for less than a cup of coffee (<$1.50 per day!)
Normally $97, Save $62 today!
Annual Access Membership
Per Year
(Only $36/mo or $1.21 per day)
Save Over 77%
Take advantage of this limited-time low price offer while it's still available!
Never miss a posting again ~ Access HUNDREDS of graphics each month.  Access pre-written social media statuses, engagement posts, blogging topics, email subjects and more! 

This is a single membership.  By becoming a member, you agree to use the tools, resources and graphics in this program for your programs and services only.

Sharing files and tools are a breach and violation of terms and condition.  If you are providing marketing services for another business, we would be delighted to support you! Please contact us at for terms and conditions under a separate agreement. 

Monthly Members - Cancel any time!

Annual Members - Cancel any time before your year renewal.

Your month starts at the end of enrollment and your account will renew the following month using the date of enrollment as your start date.

You must cancel your membership before it renews each month in order to avoid billing of the next month's membership fees to your payment method.

Money Back Guarantee: I understand I have 30 days to put Monthly Presence to the test!

If this program does not support me and give me what I need to take my business socially online, step by step to market monthly ... then I can get a refund.

***As long as you can show you've done the work, use the schedule, post the graphics daily, if you do the work and if you don't get results - you will receive a refund.

Can I cancel my membership?
You may cancel at any time.  Please refer to our cancellation policy for details. Please email to have us process your cancellation – or you can process your cancellation with your Credit Card account by logging in to your account.
What results will I get?
We cannot guarantee any results because your results are highly dependent on your execution of the program. However, we know if you implement the strategy and content as outlined, you will see an increase in engagement, fans, and sales.
Can I personalize the graphics and content?
ABSOLUTELY. You can add your logo to the graphics to create brand awareness. You can use the blank templates to share personalized content with your audience (blog posts, tips, tricks, announcements) and you can choose the content so it’s most relevant to your audience.
What kind of business is this for?
This program is for ANY business, products, programs or service-based businesses.  Many popular industries are small businesses, solopreneurs, teachers, coaches, ministers, bloggers, network marketers and online entrepreneurs.
Will this work for my business?
Yes! The content is industry neutral and covers a variety of purposes: engaging, motivational, humor, empowering, business, and promotional. You can choose from hundreds of graphics in the library to make the content specific to your audience.
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